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18 Random Images

  • Cover to Case Jones and Raphael #1
  • Vs a Spider monster
  • Slaine starts to come back to life
  • Ukko wishes he could live Slaine''s adventures
  • Doom Patrol #50 page 39 by Simon Bisley
  • Ukko writes
  • F.A.K.K.2 on the battlefield
  • Cover to Judgement on Gotham
  • Batman sketch
  • Cover to Batman Judge Dredd
  • Mysterio
  • Ukko dies!!
  • Simon Bisley draws a dark haired female sorceress
  • Judge Dredd tallks to a rabbit
  • Blue capped here
  • The blue army gets a surprise
  • F.A.K.K.2  points the gun at you
  • A girl in a purple hood and cape travels the outback with a boar

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