18 Random Images

  • Slaine fights with an axe
  • Jaguar Man stalks his prey in the jungle
  • Cover to Doom Patrol #43 by Simon Bisley
  • Simon Bisley paints a cover to Heavy Metal magazine
  • Lobo never loses
  • Slaine and his dog, by Simon Bisley
  • Death Dealer
  • Not all of Ukko''s stories are great
  • Guns and a cigar
  • The queen saves Slaine
  • Jason from Friday the 13th vs Texas Chain Saw Masacre
  • Batman sketch
  • Cover to Doom Patrol #57 by Simon Bisley
  • The Sassy assassins appear
  • Heavy Metal Magazine March 1999
  • The concert of the Living Death
  • A horned warrior displays his sword
  • Short haired red head

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